Monday, June 4, 2012

10 Life Rules

This blog-like device is mostly just a writing journal for me, I've never given a thought to readership, but if anyone does read this and wonders why I'm not talking about writing. I think the foundation of a successful writing career is having a well balanced writerly life, so I'm laying out ten life rules that I think will help me along the way.

1) Remember that the world has always sucked; it's also always been beautiful.
2) Remember to follow your heart, follow your muse, be smart but not fear-filled.
3) Remember that goal-related activities come first, but it's ok to relax sometimes; it's ok to need to be alone sometimes.
4) Remember to leave the past in the past after you've learned from it.
5) Remember to fix yourself; help other people humbly.
6) Remember to keep in touch with loved ones, near and far; don't burden others, but don't refuse help just for pride.
7) Remember that it's okay to get and look older.
8) Remember to maintain your health but not obsess; eat quality, splurge occasionally.
9) Remember to maintain your intellect but don't feel like you have to know everything.
10) Remember to keep your own score and use outside rating systems only in practice, never in heart; change your internal rating system with careful consideration.