Friday, August 9, 2013

Nature tracks for writing

For a while now I've been listening to a few nature tracks while I write. Sometimes I can't listen to music while I write but I don't like silence either (usually because it ends up not so silent in this apartment) so a track of the ocean or a thunderstorm is a great alternative. It also helps get me in a writing mood. I love writing while it's raining. Yesterday I discovered this awesome website where you can actually mix your own nature tracks using the site's library of sounds. So far I've made nine. Here they are:

Cricket River Campfire - It's a clear summer evening and you're writing or reading beside the campfire to the tune of the cricket's chirping.

Evergreen Falls - Somewhere in the Pacific Northwest you sit among the evergreens writing to the sounds of a river and its falls.

A Spring Storm - It's stormy spring evening and you write with the window open to the chorus of spring peepers.

Stormy Cabin Hearth - You're fireside in a cozy little cabin, reading or writing through the rain and thunder.

Snowy Cabin Hearth - You're in a cozy little cabin, writing or reading by the fire while the snow flurries outside the window.

Rainstorm Chimes - The rain is pouring outside. The wind makes the  windchimes sing while you write.

Seaside Cabin - Writing on the porch of your seaside cabin listening to the wind in the chimes and the seagulls call.

Seaside Bonfire - Quiet evening on the beach writing by the bonfire.

Simple Rainy Day - No-frills rainy day to help your writing concentration.

What do you think? Do you like writing to nature tracks? Did you try out making your own? :)

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