Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Zombie Project

Today my short story went live for The Zombie Project, a chain of short stories put together by Chynna-Blue Scott. The rule of the project is that each story must take an element from the story directly preceding it. Many stories take elements from others as well.

#1. No Place For Strangers by Bobby Salomons
#2. Someone Knows Something by Jessie Devine
#3. Into The Maelstrom by Benjamin Gumbrell
#4. Rezerection by J.C. Michael (Explicit Violent Sexual Content/Trigger Warning)
#5. Two Red Flags and Three Black Bags by Bridget Shepherd (me)
#6. The Manhattan Marauders by Carey Torgensen
#7. Red and Dead by Ruth Shedwick
#8. Thinking Big by Julie Hutchings
#9. The Light by Jolene Haley
#10. Craving by Louise Gornall
#11. Firebreak by Cassandra Page
#12. One Girl One Shot by Kristen Jett
#13. Jerusalem's Peak by Chynna-Blue Scott
#14. Manic Missions by Jani Grey
#15. Hickory Dickory Dead by Kat Ellis
#16. Code Words by Leah Rhyne
#17. The Library At The End Of The World by Lauren Spieller
#18. The Halloween Virus by J. C. Gregorio

[I have updated this post will all known Zombie Project installments for your perusal.]

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